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Warriors at Wizards 2/3/16

Stephen Curry – 6 amazing facts about his life


Stephen Curry – 6 amazing facts about his life

Stephen Curry shoots a three against the Wizards, 28-2-2017 / Photo by Keith Alison via wikimedia commons
Stephen Curry shoots a three against the Wizards, 28-2-2017 / Photo by Keith Alison via wikimedia commons

The man who influenced more than anybody the way modern basketball is played!

Whether you like him or not, he’s still the best shooter ever in the history of the sport.

Until today he was named two times NBA MVP and also won 3 NBA champion’s rings .

Of course we’re talking about Stephen Curry, the man who convinced us that it makes sense and is okay to shoot a three-pointer when you go out alone in the fastbreak game!


The man who convinced us that it’s okay and normal to shoot logo threepoints from 30 feets away while there’s  still enough time in the clock!

And yet, while we know so much about Stephen Curry’s game there are plenty of things we don’t know about his life.

So in my turn, I  looked into his personal moments in depth and I present you the most impressive of them.

Once you read those stories you will feel like unlocking a new perspective of the Great Stephen Curry.

So keep reading to see the most rare and exciting moments of Stephen Curry’s life.

He changed the way he stands to save his career

In 2013, Stephen Curry achieved something extremely difficult and at the same time very impressive.

What was that?

He changed the way he walks and stands up to stop getting injured all the time!

But let’s get it from the beginning.

When Stephen Curry entered the NBA, he seemed to have great talent with his good distant shot and his explosive moves.

Although he had a seemingly unsolved problem that would probably condemn him to a moderate basketball career;

He didn’t get his feet right on the ground, so he got his ankle breaking all the time.

More specifically, Stephen Curry has sprained his ankles 17 times!

On his third year as a warrior player, he was severely injured by a sprain and everyone started to think that injuries will deprive him from the brilliant career he dreamed of!

But everything changed from 2013 onwards, when a trainer expert was hired from Warriors to watch Curry and find out what to do to avoid injuries.

So what did the trainer do?

While everyone believed that the main reason for the injuries was the weak ankles, he found that the problem came because it had weak buttocks!

So Stephen Curry started working out trying to get balance from the buttocks, not the ankles.

The result was excellent, since he managed to gain complete control of his body so that he became the fastest and (relatively healthy)  player he is today!


Born in Akron, Ohio

Don’t you think that I became dizzy and I started writing about Lebron James all of a sudden!

Coincidentally, two of the best players in the last 20 years were born not just in the same city but in the same hospital!

I think there’s something about the water there in Akron!

But even though he was born there, Steph sees Charlotte as his city after his father played for 10 seasons on the Charlotte Hornets squad!


He’s the son of a former NBAer and he’s wearing the same number as him

Stephen Curry, like his splash brother, Clay Thompson, is a son of a former NBA player, Dell Curry.

Steph’s dad wore number 30 on his shirt throughout his career.

So Stephen Curry always wears this number, thereby expressing respect towards his father’s figure.


His 2015-16 performance is the best of all time

In 2015-16, warriors broke the record for most victories in one year with 73 victories and only 9 defeats.

The biggest contributor to this historic season of course was of course Stephen Curry, who literally ended the efficiency rating (PER)  with a score of 32.4.

This is actually the best performance of all time by a player in a whole season, leaving players like Chamberlain, Jordan and James behind!

Stephen Curry has the fastest shot ever recorded

From the moment he picks up the ball to the point where the ball leaves the hand, there is little or no waste of movement!

By the time you blink, the ball is gone!

The above claim is demonstrated by scientific evidence from Sports Science, measuring that Stephen Curry takes only 0.4 seconds from the moment he picks up the ball until he leaves it!

In order to understand the speed difference, the average NBA player shoots the ball in 0.54 seconds.

So, when the ball leaves from the average player’s hands, the ball is already in the air for 0.12 seconds at Curry’s  shot, which is just amazing!


The protective gear he wears is sold for thousands of dollars

For a group of extreme fans, the protective gear Stephen Curry wears in almost all matches is of particular importance.

Just because they buy something that Curry used  disgusting though it is  the price rises to thousands of dollars!

By the way one of them, the one he was wearing in the 4th final of 2018, has an expected value of $25,000!

That’s a lot of money for a used maselade!


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