Stephen Curry – 6 amazing facts about his life

  Stephen Curry – 6 amazing facts about his life The man who influenced more than anybody the way modern basketball is played! Whether you like him or not, he’s still the best shooter ever in the history of the sport. Until today he was named two times NBA MVP and also won 3 NBA champion’s rings . Of course we’re talking about Stephen Curry, the man who convinced us that it makes sense and is okay to shoot a three-pointer when you go out alone in the fastbreak game! Or, The man who convinced us that it’s okay and normal to shoot logo threepoints from 30 feets away while there’s  still enough time in the clock! And yet, while we know so much about Stephen Curry’s game there are plenty of things we don’t know about his life. So […]

Nikola Jokic – 7 impressive life stories

Nikola Jokic – 7 impressive life stories He’s slow, he’s got small verticall and in the same time he counts a few extra pounds than he should. But all this does not prevent him from being the best center of the NBA at this point in time and perhaps the best passing big man of all time! Nikola Jokic is not the super star we have used to! He drank 3 liters of Coke per day Until he boarded the plane bound for Denver and NBA, Nikola Jokic had an addiction: Coca Cola! As he claims, he went to training in the mornings and from the moment he came home he was constantly drinkning one glass after another and reached about three liters a day! Just to realize even more how […]